Welcome To NLPM The Michigan Branch




The Michigan Branch of The National League of Postmasters is committed to the welfare of Postmasters, OICs, PMRs and EAS employees.

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 Why Join the LEAGUE?

Summary of Benefits

  • Adverse Action Legal Services
  • Security Legal Services
  • Job Protection
  • Education and Information that is important for your job and your future.
  • Education in “The Postmasters Advocate” at the League Website and at state and national events.
  • Extensive training and educational opportunities at national convention.
  • Consultative sessions with Postal Headquarters about issues that concern YOU and your job.
  • The LEAGUE listens to the needs and concerns of Postmasters and takes those concerns to Postal Headquarters.
  • Networking on the state and national level, whether at a League event or in your home office.
  • The LEAGUE provides you with an entire network of contacts that will help make your job easier.
  • Our own in-house Post Office Continuance Coordinator, Legislative Counsel and Adverse Action Attorney.
  • The LEAGUE gives you opportunities to expand your knowledge, both personally and professionally.
  • A life line to assist you with many of the fast pace changes in the Postal Service.
  • The LEAGUE gives you the opportunity to take important issues to your representatives on Capital Hill where your voice will be heard.
  • Helps Postmasters, OICs, PMRs and EAS employees build relationships from the ground up that can help you should a problem arise.
  • Gives you a sense of pride in knowing that you belong to an organization that truly cares and does something about the needs of its members.
  • http://www.postmasters.org/